A place where stories are shared, ideas are explored and real conversation is ignited.

The Lab is a community of inquiry where participants jointly grapple with key leadership questions drawn from today’s complex market climate.

Our next theme is: 'How as a Leader do you create a space for your team to be courageous?'


The Lab is not…

A keynote speech! The Lab is a collaborative thinking space with an ‘open floor’. We’ll kick off by introducing the topic, and then step back to allow the conversation to take its own course.

And not just any old conversation. The Lab provides a safe space for boundary pushing dialogue and exploration of new lines of thought, free from the constraints of political correctness.

Why should you come?

At the heart of effective leadership is the capacity to take on multiple perspectives. Limber up and extend your thinking through exposure to a community of viewpoints.

Who should attend

The Lab is designed for senior and emerging leaders of organisations.

When is it?

Every second month from 6:00 to 8:30 pm.

(But we'll take a break during the silly season and skip Dec. and Jan.)

Don't miss out!

Latest from the Lab


Do you perceive yourself as courageous?

If so, in what context(s)?

When is it difficult for you to be courageous? Why do you think that is?

Where did you learn what ‘courage’ meant? Who showed you?

These are the types of questions we explored a couple weeks ago during our last Lab session, on the topic “How do you lead courageously?”

The aim of these events is to provoke new thoughts and insights for our community of enquiry. And so is the aim of this post.