We offer leadership coaching and advisory services that can address the complete ecosystem of the organisation: Board dynamics, Leadership Teams and Individuals.  

We do this by sensing organisations’ multiple layers through qualitative and quantitative methods. This allows us to co-create bespoke approaches required to meet our clients’ objectives.

Our work is informed by empirical evidence from adult development theory, complexity theory and systems thinking.

We coach together. This unique duo approach brings exponential advantages:


  • It allows  the balancing of masculine and feminine energy 
  • It creates a space where we explore, experience and model collaborative breakthroughs 
  • It encompasses multiple human dimensions: intellectual, physical, emotional and, at times, spiritual
  • It ensures mutual accountability

Duo Coaching

Ying & Yang

  • Feminine / Masculine
  • Rational / Emotional
  • Cognitive / Somatic
  • Inquiry / Advisory
  • Challenge / Support
  • Pragmatic / Exploratory
  • Business / Personal
  • Psychology / Strategy
  • Linear / Organic
  • Stability / Ambiguity

Reciprocal exploration of collaborative thinking

  • Personal Breakthroughs
  • Taming of fears and perceived impediments
  • High degree of adaptive capacity
  • Emergent, non-linear and complex thinking
  • Collective intelligence

Mutual Accountability

  • Prevention of guruism-tendencies
  • Supervisory dimension for both sides
  • Qualitative and quantitative feedback loops
  • Live role-modelling of partnering, through debating and arguing

Encompassing the 

whole self/eco-system

The developmental journey is a complex one requiring multiple vantage points. We know how hard and rewarding it is. Because we are rigorous about our own development and have applied these same lenses to ourselves. 

At Leadership Partners, we blend Coaching & Leadership Advisory.

  • Traditional coaching is based on inquiry approaches.
  • We are first and foremost Thinking Partners. Our approach blends both inquiry and advisory that emerges naturally in our unique duo format.
  • To support our clients, we go in the trenches with them, we are a team. We value relationships based on mutual trust and appreciation.
  • Between the two of us we leverage a combined 30 years of experience in former CEO roles and Tier 1 management consultancies.
  • Some situations will be best addressed by inquiring into what happened. Others, by us offering our perspectives and advice.
  • C-suite clients often have complex organisational challenges they need to navigate. Our track-record shows that a collaborative and advisory approach is more effective to meet their needs and constraints.

Leadership Advisory


In advisory mode, we help our clients understand their organisations holistically, removing existing blind-spots. We help them appreciate the complex interdependencies between stakeholders and identify the organisational politics at play. In doing so, we help them unearth key leverage points and exercise their influence in shaping the narrative of their organisation and delivering superior returns on investments.

Our advisory approach

  • Data gathering and analysis to help us form a more objective assessment of the situation and ensure that we produce evidence-based solutions
  • A collaborative process that maximises stakeholder engagement and generates real and relevant solutions
  • Active engagement with your team, facilitating the development of critical skills that will make your solution more sustainable
  • Incorporation of real-time feedback mechanisms so that we can continually adjust our approach and ensure the best possible outcome