Leadership Partners is a leadership coaching and advisory firm led by Tim Laporte and Sandra Sieb.

Our mission is to establish sustainable, conscious organizations that enhance collective intelligence and high-performing teams. With 30 years of experience in CEO roles and top-tier management consulting, we partner with senior leaders from public and private sectors at executive levels.


Our services include leadership consulting, strategy workshops, coaching, assessments, and bespoke solutions using our proprietary model. Our unique duo coaching balances masculine and feminine energy, fostering collaborative breakthroughs.


We address organizational ecosystems, including board dynamics and individual leaders, while emphasizing strong relationships, empathy, and respect for diversity.


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 Our Vision

To transform organisations‘ orientation, where human development  becomes the ultimate KPI and courage, kindness and empathy, their shared values.

Our Mission

To develop leaders that create sustainable and conscious organisations and enable the flourishing of people (their fellow humans).

Our Values

Duty of care for all (your fellow humans).

Trustworthy relationships.

Integrity, independent of any context.