We combine psychological assessments with developmental processes to ensure smooth transitions within your organisation. Whether you’re setting a development path for an executive or a team, we work with you to understand your leadership requirements.


Two critical phases are required to achieve this goal:

  • First, we work with you to understand the critical leadership competencies or development opportunities required, as well as the larger strategic organisational context.
  • Then we design an executive and/or team development plan to increase individual and team collective leadership effectiveness.

Our Tools:

  • Human Synergistics' LSI (Life Styles Inventory™) 1 & 2
  • Human Synergistics' GSI (Group Style  Inventory™)
  • The Leadership Circle's products, including The Leadership Circle Profile, Leadership System and Pulse (TLCP™)
  • The Global Leadership Profile
  • Lominger Voices 360 degree feedback tool
  • Everything DiSC